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01 to 07

An immersion in the world of road cycling for those who want to experience challenges and their full potential in comfort, with specialized food and technical support on routes inspired by the main professional cycling events in Europe.

Casa della Capra
Casa della Capra
about the territory

Lakes and Mountains of Upper Piedmont

Between culture, landscape and gastronomy, it's hard to define the main
reason to visit this region. Around Lakes Maggiore and
Orta, elegance is present in palaces, botanical gardens and sophisticated hospitality.

sophisticated hospitality. The mountains of the Val D'Ossola, meanwhile, preserve medieval villages, traditional grazing, vineyards cultivated for generations and the wild cultivated for generations and the wild Val Grande National Park offers contact with something more primitive and authentic.

A region that is becoming a great destination for those who love cycling. These majestic mountains and valleys are home to the current men's and women's time trial champions and have a vast history of the Giro D'Italia, which has allowed us to map out the challenging routes of our Cycle Camp.

For those who like to eat well, we are in the region of an gastronomy of excellence, with award-winning restaurants, famous for its Nebbiolo wines, Bettelmat and Gorgonzola cheeses, sausages, Porcini mushrooms and Porcini mushrooms and Risotto.

about the territory


A charming town of colorful houses, churches, chapels and staircases built with local stone. A 7-minute walk along the lakefront leads to the main square, a place for events, meetings and a majestic historic tree: a 500-year-old elm.

The lake name, is about 4 kilometers long and two kilometers wide. Its clean waters have led it to be classified as the cleanest in Italy. Reserve for migratory birds, a place for triathlons, canoeing and ideal for for swimming and paddling in our SUp.


DATE: September 01 to 07, 2024
TYPE: Road Cycling
LANDSCAPE: Lakes and mountains of the Upper Piedmont
LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced
TERRAIN: Paved roads
DISTANCE: 80 - 120 km
CLIMBING: 800 - 2200 m
DURATION: 7 days 6 nights

DESTINATION: Casa della Capra Boutique Guest House
ADDRESS: Via Pallanza 25 Mergozzo ITALY

From there, come by Transfer/Car 50 min | Bus 60 min | Train 1h50 min.
Transfer not included in the program.

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