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Val D'Ossola

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Discover sites of cultural heritage, craftsmanship, explore the landscape on two wheels or on foot and savour local wine, cheese and cured meats from local producers.

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Why Mergozzo?

Casa della Capra is located in Mergozzo, is a small medieval town with picturesque stone stairs, alleys, churches and chapels, a square with busy bars and "osterias", with a secular Elm tree in the middle. Mergozzo is also the name of the lake, the cleanest inhabited lake in Europe, home to migratory birds, fish and other wild animals. Perfect for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, paddling. Mergozzo has been able to conserve its community life while making tourists feel welcome. 


The Surroundings

Montorfano, the orphan mountain, once considered a sacred mountain, offers trails and a panoramic belvedere at it top. Across the lake, we have Val Grande National Park, accessible by foot following the trail of Alpe Vercio, another place for a breathtaking view. Mergozzo is known as the portal from Lake Maggiore to Ossola Valley, home to hundreds of medieval towns, smaller valleys, where the authentic mountain traditions are kept alive by Walser descendants and the Lepontine Alps where remote areas are home to wild life and brave hermits. 

The entire territory is intertwined by a growing network of cycle lanes and hiking trails and well connected to Milan, Turin, Geneva and the rest of the continent by trains and highways. It's the perfect escape from urban life, but it's incredibly close to Milan's international Airport.

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