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Write about our pillars. Concept House. What differentiates us. 


Our Story

The story of the house dates back to the romans, who built the track the still sits there today, connecting Mergozzo to Bieno. Documents from the 1800's names this area as Pra Rosin, Rose Praires. This entire area belonged to the tower just above us. The house was built in 1910, where it is said there was a rustic building for animals.

By 40's the house was 3 stories high and used as a pension. As the situation got worse because of the war, it became a house of "tolerance".


In the 60's, as the Braganti family bought the house, they were greeted by the local priest, who came to bless the house and the family, relieved the mundane activities had ceased. The Braganti Family was here for generations  and would come at least once a year from Milan, to enjoy the fresh air summers by Lake Mergozzo. Many of the trees still standing here today were planted by their patriarch, Mr Aldo, a Plant and Mountain Enthuisiast and his wife, Giuliana. They also kept animals, such as chickens and a white Tibetan goat, Bianchina, known for being funny and escaping to the lake and to the neighbours.

Felipe and Patricia were just married when they found the house in 2017. 

Casa della Capra opened its doors on the day of Easter, the 21st of April 2019.
Modifications. Evolution?

Meet The Founders


With a background in Architecture and a Fine Arts degree awarded in London in 2015, she is responsible for the interior design and curation of the artworks around the house. This website and other graphic design works on social media were also made by her. She cultivates a creative environment in the house by offering Art Residencies and Workshops as well as collaborations with artists and designers.

Parallel to the family business she keeps developing her practice, focusing in textile and botanic arts. Patricia is also interested in sustainability, healthy eating and mindfulness.

Patricia Orem e Felipe Giavina Bianchi


A cook and cyclist, sometimes a gardener and a handyman. Felipe never stops. 

 Before Casa Della Capra he was already running Bike&Food tours, guiding groups through beautiful landscapes and delicious food at its source.

His passion for Italian cuisine dates back to childhood, but it was only after he finished a degree in Economics that he attended ICIF (cookery school) in southern Piedmont. Previous experiences include working on the food and beverage sector, hosting a TV cooking show and as a personal chef.

Our Partners

Our Partners


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